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Pen Name: Paulownia Rain [Tong-yu]
Name: Miura Lokuro
Literary Field / Genre: Elegy
Gender: Male
Work Experience: On June 19, 1919, Mr. Miura Lokuro was transferred from his original position as a County Governor in Kumamoto County in Japan to be the Police Censorial Officer in the Taiwanese Government under Japanese Colony. He has been the Supervisor of Department of Sanitation, the Committee Member of Tanwan Central Sanitation Board, and the Supervisor of the Public Security Unit of the Police Control.
Literary Pursuits: Elegy
Personal Details:
Keyword: Miura Lokuro, Paulownia Rain [Tong-yu]
Year of Birth: 1925
Place of Birth: Tokyo Prefecture, Japan(As one of the administrative districts: Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto in former times Japan. It is now the modern city Tokyo in Japan)
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